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Church Leadership Coaching/Mentoring


Dr. Mark’s background and experience uniquely equip him to help leaders and aspiring leaders get to the next level in both the workplace and church body. This includes providing personalized support, customized tools, counsel and encouragement.  His willingness and passion to come alongside and assist them to become all they can be in Christ is apparent.

Some Testimonials:

Being a Christian in the business world today certainly isn’t an easy task and Mark has been a great help advising me on how to stay the Godly course. His thoughtful, analytical and prayerful approach to coaching me on tricky situations has been both challenging and effective. Mark is excellent at showing how to apply Biblical principals to business circumstances enabling me to steer through many obstacles in a God honoring way.

Bob Patterson, CFO

Scott and Mark have served together on the elder board at Grace Fellowship Church for many years and through two church splits. The board had to seek the Lord and make very hard decisions. Mark’s leadership proved strong as he sought the Lord for His will, sacrificing much of his time, talents, and finances to help the church survive. Over the years of working and praying together, Mark became a mentor to Scott, challenging and discipling him, helping him to become the godly man he is today.

We see Mark as man of wisdom, not impulsive, but thinking and praying through every situation. He does not waiver and will not compromise his faith, being of man of strong convictions and standards. He always chooses godliness rather than the easiest way to resolve problems. He has been a pillar in our church even when he faced personal opposition. He is an excellent steward of what God has given him – his time, his money, his gifts, and his family. He has blessed our family and church as a shepherd and teacher caring, praying, preaching, working, and ministering to us.

Scott & Bonnie McQuade
Solid Rock Day Camp and Grace Fellowship Church
37 Stephens Rd
West Milford, N.J. 07480

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