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Church Consulting/Conflict Resolution


Dr. Grawehr is presently serving as Vice Chairman and partnering with Biblically Balanced Ministries ; Harrisburg, PA available for Church Consulting.


Please consider this communication a letter of reference for Mark Grawehr. For the last few years I have had the privilege of getting to know Mark and working with him at his church. I have been in his home on more than one occasion and gotten to know his wife and daughters as well.

In working with Mark I have played the part of church consultant to the church and a mentor/coach to Mark. Mark has worked in a church that has been in major conflict for a long period of time. I have watched him and coached him throughout this process. He has handled well several very delicate situations. He has remained consistent in his ministry to all congregants no matter which side people fell on the issues. He has maintained integrity and consistently given people the benefit of the doubt. He has provided faithful, godly leadership and in spite of this has experienced some unfair criticism. Through it all I watched him grow in his faith as well as ministry skills. In my opinion Mark is more than ready to expand his ministry further as God so leads.

In addition, I have watched Mark balance the demands of a difficult ministry, seminary education and family life. His character remained above reproach throughout every situation. He is a godly, growing Christian man and leads well a wonderful family. I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Mark as he seeks God’s will in expanding his kingdom influence. Please understand if I had a position open on my church staff that fit Mark’s gifts I would not be writing this letter because I would hire him without hesitation.

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide further insight.

Daniel R. Young
Senior Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Bristol, PA

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