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Leadership/Spiritual Maturity

  • Balancing Career & Ministry: Biblical and Practical considerations for Serious Disciples Faithfulness, fruitfulness, stewardship…how do we fit it all together in the busyness of life? Moving from the more general purposes evident in scripture, we’ll probe more specifically our individual callings and apply biblical and practical principles to our personal, family, ministry and vocational context.
  • Balancing the Organization of the Organism: Minding the Business of the Church Although we cannot ‘manufacture’ quantitative church growth we are entrusted to the responsibility to be diligent in planting and watering in anticipation of the harvest (1 Corinthians 3:6). Beginning with an overview of the theology of the church we will consider her relationship to society and institutionalization. Various models and resources will be presented as we probe the challenging biblical and practical questions relating to growth and change within the church. A balanced view incorporating organization and structure to accommodate the life of the church will be offered along with biblically based practical tools.
  • Congregational Change: A Matter of Life and Death The church today is, in a sense, more powerful, influential and wealthy than ever before. Our pastors are better educated, technology & media tools abound, staff & outreach capacity surpasses any time in history. We have been empowered with the keys of the kingdom. Have you ever wondered why, despite all this, Christianity doesn’t have an unprecedented impact or even seem to make much of a difference? Clearly the church has yet to become a model for society let alone reach its redemptive potential. As individuals we are prone to become comfortably numb and even complacent. Church dynamics are indeed complex. We need to lead in love, by grace, with the wisdom of Solomon, the resolve of Paul and the patience of Job.
  • Church as a Social/Cultural Institution
  • Church Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Foundations for Ministry
  • Living the Biblical Worldview
  • Becoming All We Can Be in Christ

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