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Debbie’s Life

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By Dr. Mark Grawehr
Pleasant Word – A Division of WinePress Group
As featured on the front cover of the WinePress Pleasant Word Upcoming Buyers Catalogue!

When Mark Grawehr married his dream girl, twenty-two year-old Debbie––blond hair, blue eyes, captain of the high school twirlers, and homecoming queen runner-up—he had no inkling that within months, multiple sclerosis would seize control of his beautiful wife’s body. The rapid onset of multiple sclerosis soon paralyzed Debbie from the neck down and rendered her legally blind and mute. The disease contorted her limbs in such a way that others found it painful to look at her. Lovely yet fragile, Debbie was as breakable as a delicate piece of pottery.

In this riveting first-person account, Mark Grawehr unfolds the seventeen year journey during which he and Debbie came to know God, the Master Potter. He testifies how God used their challenging circumstances to strengthen their marriage and shape Debbie into a glorious vessel.

Such Precious Clay will inspire you to draw closer to God by understanding his grace more deeply and apply it with refreshed personal gratitude. Beyond mere testimony, this book offers insightfully practical instruction for a joy filled life transcending life’s unpredictable circumstances.

What People Are Saying…

“Such Precious Clay will inspire you, challenging your concept of what it means to obey God and honor your spouse. You will learn about the joy of relationships and the power of prayer, the strength of God’s grace, and the miraculous — often mysterious — way he weaves the strangest of circumstances into a life plan we wouldn’t trade for the world.”
-Joni Eareckson Tada

“This is a love story. In Such Precious Clay you find out why even the most genuine earthly love between a man and a woman can never be trusted completely until it is empowered and transformed by the love of God. You will also come to know how love so transformed becomes a rock upon which the fiercest waves of trial may crash without effect. If you think you are in love, then you owe to your lover, and to yourself, to read this book together.

And this is not a love story for the young alone (though it is surely for them). Having been married more than forty years, I found myself gripped and challenged by the candidly told story of a couple who faced the fearful night that all lovers dread, only to discover their fear turned into gladness, and their dreaded night as bright as the sun. As you hold this book in your hand to read these lines, it may be that God has placed it there…for love’s sake.

Why? Because you need to understand what Mark meant when he wrote, ‘The days that followed were as if someone had flipped some kind of hidden switch in her heart—one that had never been flipped before. It was as if a component in a piece of equipment had suddenly begun to work, one that had never been operative before.’ The lesson you will learn may quite literally save your love, and your life.”
Dennis D. Frey, Th.D., President
Master’s International School of Divinity

“I plan on using ” Such Precious Clay” as required reading for my Psychology & Theology class at the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. Mark Grawehr’s text is a valuable resource for students, as they attempt to formulate their own Theology of Suffering.”
Dr. Michael Gillern
Alliance Theological Seminary

This ‘love letter’ ranks with books like Tuesdays with Morrie, international bestseller. Your ‘Christmas present’ to Debbie moved me as few things I have ever read. It is a superb emotional moment …among so many others. How clear it is that your life has the character of fine steel, tempered by suffering, strengthened by faith and made flexible I experience. This book abundantly demonstrates this.
Eugene Savettiere
Retired Business Executive

“What an incredible story – how two people could be so devoted to one another despite such monumental obstacles is truly inspiring!!! God’s work in their lives is obvious, even to those of us in the secular world.”
Scott Smith, P.E.
Vice President, Accuspec Inc.

The emerging trend in Christianity is to use narrative to tell your story of faith. This book is more than a “Love Story.” It’s more also than a story of discovering God’s special molding process in the midst of suffering.

What makes this story different is that it is not only a narrative of life experience. It is an exposition of biblical truth applied a real life experience. Mark has effectively used their story to teach great biblical truths from the very character to God to His ability to meet the deepest needs of life.

Such Precious Clay should be read not only for its narrative value but for its biblical exposition. This book will not only touch the heart but the soul and mind.
Gary R. Becker, D. P. Th.
Founder and President of Biblically Balanced Ministries

Inviting, captivating, inspiring, insightful, and gospel-worthy describes my reading of Such Precious Clay. Anyone who has endured suffering or ministered to disabled loved ones will find their heart warmed by this testimony of love, faithfulness, loyalty, and of God’s grace in the midst of trial. Such Precious Clay powerfully testifies to the power of a relationship with God in Christ in the blessings and storms of life.
Norm Wakefield
Elijah Ministries

MARK!!!!! OH the book……I read it from cover to cover in one sitting, so compelling, so beautiful, so spiritually inspiring to look inward and upward….such a blessing! God has gifted you in this area of writing too. I would like to purchase a case of your books to share with my patients, Christian and non. This book will be life changing for many……Thank you God for allowing this to come to fruition!
Nancy P. Smith MS, CNS
Health Care Practitioner

To say this book is “great” is an understatement! The only way I can describe it is “super-human”. It is an amazing love story of a husband and wife and their realization that God is with them even in their darkest moments. I have purchased multiple copies of this book for friends and relatives and I expect I will have requests for more. I have read many books about the saints, but this book tops them all! You will be inspired by this wonderful story of love and devotion.
Reader’s Review

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