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  • God & Evil: The pursuit of hope in a corrupted world If God is love…and he is all powerful… why does evil even exist? Various aspects of the problem of evil—practical, personal, social, theological, philosophical, and spiritual —will be discussed. Hope is offered to questions generated by the existence of suffering and affliction. The very character of God and the cross of Jesus Christ are examined in our quest to address these concerns. Alternatives to a biblical worldview fall short. Grappling with the problem of evil will give rise to an enhanced biblical perspective and prove valuable as practical personal challenges arise. This will also prepare you to better articulate responses to difficult questions to those who are perplexed, anxious or confused and potentially open new opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • Theology of Suffering
  • Biblical Backgrounds
  • Systematic Theology
  • Suffering for the Righteousness of Christ
  • Jeremiah-Ephesians-Peter-Corinthians-Romans

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