Such Precious Clay

By Dr. Mark Grawehr

When Mark Grawehr married his dream girl, twenty-two year-old Debbie––blond hair, blue eyes, captain of the high school twirlers, and homecoming queen runner-up—he had no inkling that within months, multiple sclerosis would seize control of his beautiful wife’s body. The rapid onset of multiple sclerosis soon paralyzed Debbie from the neck down and rendered her legally blind and mute. The disease contorted her limbs in such a way that others found it painful to look at her. Lovely yet fragile, Debbie was as breakable as a delicate piece of pottery.

In this riveting first-person account, Mark Grawehr unfolds the seventeen year journey during which he and Debbie came to know God, the Master Potter. He testifies how God used their challenging circumstances to strengthen their marriage and shape Debbie into a glorious vessel.

Such Precious Clay will inspire you to draw closer to God by understanding his grace more deeply and apply it with refreshed personal gratitude. Beyond mere testimony, this book offers insightfully practical instruction for a joy filled life transcending life’s unpredictable circumstances.

Mark & Debbie Grawehr Video

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All proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to Joni and Friends Ministries and used for the benefit of people with disabilities.

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